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Each month, we run professional development workshops for teachers. Our development programme teaches them how to make learning more interactive for better student engagement. Each monthly workshop costs $500.
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We have many projects that we would love to support in Cambodia. Often it just takes having some spare funds, which are not allocated to a specific purpose that enables us to get these projects underway.
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Basic School Stationery for a group of children| $20

School learning supplies cost around $4 per child. This consists of two notebooks, a ruler, two pens, a pencil and rubber, and for older children a compass and protractor. You can help 5 children with basic stationery for a year.

A Bike to Get to School | $80

Some children live a long distance from the school. Having a bike makes it possible for them to get to school and receive an education.

Rice for Hungry Tummies | $30

Every year before the rice crop can be harvested some families run out of food supplies.  When this happens, their children come to school hungry.  We are looking at long-term solutions to improve food production in the communities, but we don’t want children starving in the short-term.  A bag of rice costs $30 and can feed a family for about a month. Our goal is always to have 20 bags of rice set aside for the worst affected families.