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A CCT supported school is a beacon of light in a poor, Cambodian village. When we transform a school, you transform the lives of hundreds of children and their families.

You can support our multiple school transformation projects by donating money towards key capital expenses. This will ensure that education and health outcomes will improve more quickly for these children.

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We have many projects that we would love to support in Cambodia. Often it just takes having some spare funds, which are not allocated to a specific purpose that enables us to get these projects underway.
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Your can help provide fresh drinking water to a whole school, and improve the health of hundreds of children by doing so. In most unsupported schools, children collect water from the local pond to drink. This leads to a lot of sickness and disease, in some cases leading to death.

Rainwater is the cleanest water available. With your help we can install gutters, downpipes and a rainwater tank to provide the children safe water for drinking and washing. As Cambodia has unlimited rain in the rainy season, four sets of water tanks ($4800) will provide a school with enough water for most of the school year.


A library is central to a well functioning school. It gives the children a hunger for learning, creates a space for artwork and creativity and allows the children to take books home to share with siblings and parents.   With your help we can stock a library with top quality books, which are well-loved!


Many schools don’t have a room for a library, or the room is very dark and dingy. We need to paint the walls white, fix the roof, provide nice shelves and low tables,  and (most importantly) tile the floors. The tiled floors make the room noticeably cooler and cleaner, but it is really the lovely surface that it provides that makes the most difference. Children can sit on it or work on it, colouring in or doing puzzles. With your help we can create a bright, inviting library.


Cambodian children are like children anywhere – they need a place where they can play and run off steam.  With your help we can build a school playground using local materials such as wood, ropes and tyres. We have come to understand how important playgrounds are for child development and for student retention. If school is a fun and positive experience for children, they will keep coming back.


One of our goals is to improve the food security of the community at large.  Subsistence farmers are vulnerable to food shocks – the failure of crops or rises in food prices.  Learning how to grow food is an essential life skill for a Cambodian child.  It is part of the learning curriculum, and we consider it really important to give children practical knowledge of how to grow food.  Gardens become a life-giving social hub, which students and parents alike connect over.