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Dream Fund

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We have many projects that we would love to support. We listen carefully to the team in Cambodia, as they always know what needs to be done next and how to do it.

We have excellent systems on the ground to deliver effective, timely assistance. Often it just takes having some spare funds, which are not allocated to a specific purpose that enables us to get some of these projects underway.  Donations to our Dream Fund are gratefully received. 100% of your donation goes to projects in Cambodia and every dollar is carefully spent.

Our Dream Fund Project Wish-List

Slightly smaller dreams:

  • We would love to employ another health nurse. We currently employ two wonderful Cambodian nurses who provide front line health assessments and dental protection care to over 6,500 students. Their time and resources are stretched and they need help to better service the schools and to address adolescent health issues. An extra full time health nurse would be such a valuable addition to our health team.
  • Many of our CCT supported schools need more toilets and bigger water tanks. To build a block of two toilets costs $2500. This extra capital expenditure is out of reach for most of our schools that manage on a limited budget. It might not seem like a very glamorous project to donate to, but the impact on health and wellbeing for children is huge.

Let’s be aspirational:

  • CCT has the opportunity to scale up its teacher trainer development programmes which it has been developing for a number of years in Takeo and Kampot Provincial (Primary) Teachers Training Colleges. CCT has been asked to takes its workshop model to the remaining 16 Teachers Training Colleges throughout Cambodia. This is a huge step forward for CCT, as we can influence the quality of primary teacher training throughout the country! The delivery model and budgets have been prepared, and we will quietly start putting this programme together, but we need someone who is a visionary and who appreciates the significance of this opportunity. The cost is around $70,000 USD per annum. This is what Denise has been wanting to achieve for years, and she is determined to get there. Can you help?
  • Our school support programme has been developed for the 16 schools CCT currently supports. We have developed a model which is a variation of this support programme so as we can impact on teacher quality over a large number of schools. This model would see us developing the Core School of each cluster of schools, providing a resource library to be used by the schools in the cluster, teacher workshops, school director development programmes and librarian training. We have our first two clusters of schools (7 schools in total) identified and ready to go, and we would dearly love to be able to test this model. This is a scaleable model and we can reach a large number of schools, impacting on the quality of teaching over large numbers of children easily. This is also one of Denise’s dreams and she is again very focused on making this work and showing what can be achieved if the CCT model is used. The cost for the first 11 schools is estimated at $52,000 USD per annum.