Whether you are in position to give a little or a lot, your support means a great deal to us. Below you’ll find a variety of ways you can support our work. Choose something that suits your budget and that you personally connect with.

Poverty and slavery have no place in the world we want to be part of. Thank you for joining your vision with our vision, your hope with our hope and your resources with our resources.



For $60 a month, you can give a Cambodian child the gift of education.

Children who don’t go to school are vulnerable to sex trafficking, a life of subsistence and hard manual labour or can end up married and bearing children at a tragically young age. Through education, children are protected and given the opportunity to develop a purposeful life.

Our vision goes beyond having children just attend school; we encourage academic excellence and do all we can to help children to progress from primary school to secondary school and beyond.

“Transforming schools is right at the heart of our work as a trust.  Your sponsorship makes possible a radical turnaround in the education, health and wellbeing of hundreds of children. I cannot express enough how impactful this is. Thank you.”

~ Denise Arnold | CCT Founder


For $1000 a month, you can transform a school and change a community.

A CCT supported school is a beacon of light in a poor, Cambodian village. When you transform a school, you transform the lives of hundreds of children and their families.

A supported school is a centre of new life in the community – it represents the parent’s hopes and dreams for their children and the only realistic stepping stone out of poverty. Many parents have had limited education and have been totally disempowered from any form of engagement in their children’s education in the past. Because many parents are illiterate they do not feel they can have any say in education – we try to overcome that through ongoing community meetings and consultation.

We encourage their ongoing involvement with the school, we consult with parents about what they want for their children and we convince them that their child’s education is a good investment; better than keeping the children at home to work in the fields. The parents and wider community are an important part of the school ecosystem, as much as the school is central to the community.

We currently support 19 primary schools, four secondary schools and 17 teacher’s training colleges.  There are many unsupported schools that we could transform with your help.



Cambodia is a nation in recovery from great trauma. Pol Pot and his communist Khmer Rouge movement led Cambodia from 1975 to 1979. During this dark reign, two to three million Cambodians out of a total population of seven to eight million died from execution, disease, starvation or overwork. Pol Pot’s vision was to create a nation of labourers; educated people and teachers were targeted and killed. The whole social structure of Cambodia was destroyed. A generation of leaders and teachers was lost. Education is vital for the rebuilding of Cambodia, and we feel compelled to support Cambodians in this transformative work. We’d love you to join us.