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We have many projects that we would love to support in Cambodia. Often it just takes having some spare funds, which are not allocated to a specific purpose that enables us to get these projects underway.
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With a large number of the population under 20 years of age and education being one of the critical factors in breaking the poverty cycle, CCT considers supporting teachers to be one of our top priorities.

Teachers often go into teaching with a heart to make a difference in their communities, but the reality is discouraging.  New graduates are often sent out to teach in impoverished schools with minimal teaching resources and no pens or paper for the children.

Our Trust is making a measureable difference to education outcomes through our teacher support initiatives.  If you have a heart for supporting and developing teachers, we’d love you, your classroom or your school to make a donation.

Teacher Packs for New Graduates | $40

200 teacher trainees graduate from the Takeo and Kampot Teacher Training Colleges each year. We provide each new teacher with a Teacher Pack containing paper, pens, scissors, a ruler, a compass and protractor, maps of the world and Cambodia, games, glue and more. These materials would otherwise not be available to the trainees and they value them highly – excitedly looking forward to receiving them throughout the two years of their training.

By providing these Teacher Packs we improve the teaching quality in 200 classrooms each year, effectively reaching 10,000 children.

Teacher Packs for CCT School Teachers | $40

We provide each teacher in a CCT supported school with the same Teacher Packs we provide to new graduates. This includes paper, pens, scissors, a ruler, a compass and protractor, maps of the World and Cambodia, games, glue and more. These materials are highly valued by our teachers.

Teacher Development Workshops | $500

We work closely with teachers in CCT supported schools to provide ongoing mentoring, training and development.  Each month, we run professional development workshops for teachers. In training college, teachers are mostly taught old-fashioned rote styles of teaching.  Our development programme teaches them how to make learning more interactive for better student engagement. The Ministry of Education in Cambodia has recognised the effectiveness of our workshops. Each monthly workshop costs $500.

School Director Development Courses |  $300

Each school has a director who oversees the running of the school and the education outcomes. We are developing leadership programmes to support the ongoing development of the people in these influential roles. Our goal is to run small courses where all of the directors come together for mutual support and professional development. The local District Office of Education has worked alongside us to facilitate these whenever CCT can provide the materials. The costs are $300 per meeting and ideally we would like to run them quarterly.

Sponsor a Trainee Teacher | $40 Per Month

It is clearly documented that the quality of a teacher has a huge impact on the learning outcomes of children at school. Teachers are also key to shaping the future behaviours of children and can influence their thinking to become critical thinkers, problems solvers and good citizens. Part of our strategy for future growth is to expand our reach to more Teacher Training Colleges and improve the quality of their training. We need to support teachers to receive quality teacher training.  You can sponsor a trainee teacher for $40 a month, which contributes towards their living and education expenses.  Training teachers is a strategic part of school transformation and is one of our core aims going forward. This will ensure all children receive a quality education when they reach primary school when they are eligible to enrol.